Sunday, November 8, 2009

Car Posters & Car Show Signs

I've been making these for my husband and his friends lately, and am trying to expand a bit. Let me know what you think.

POSTERS start at $35 for a 20"x24" or $50 for a 20"x30". Frames are available.

CAR SHOW SIGNS are designed to be placed next to your car at shows. It will include your mods, trophies, etc (posters CAN include that as well, that's up to you). It can be printed on either a 1/4" white plastic substrate or on Ready to Hang Acrylic. (The acrylic looks pretty cool...)

On plastic substrate prices start at $75 for a 16"x20".
On Acrylic, prices start at $175 for a 16.5"x23.5"

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